22. May 2005 - I had a social life this weekend, so I only have a small update - episode 80 credits. Planning to work on the character list again tomorrow.

20. May 2005 - NO UPDATE FOR YOU!
  No, not giving up, but some people make me almost consider it these days. So now I get guestbook spam, and the bandwidth theft has not ceased. Do I need to slap a big, ugly "property of tokubetsu-jounin.net. Not a forum avatar." over each image on the character list?   So I updated my cat's photo gallery instead. The current page is now fully bilingual (Norwegian & English), go check it out.

19. May 2005 - Twice in a day! I'm on a roll now. Did the ultra-long seiyuu credits for episode 79, as well as the most recent episode, and added another three characters to the list. Part 3 is almost completed!

19. May 2005 - It's a thankless job. I finally decided to turn on hotlink protection, because several of you guys just don't get it when I say "NO HOTLINKING." So now you can't.
  Character list is updated with two more characters (Gamakichi and Shukaku of the sand), credits for episode 78 are up.

16. May 2005 - Another error correction, much smaller this time. Noticed a wrong kanji in Paku Romi's name while doing the credits for episode 74. The first character in her given name is in fact a Chinese character that does not exist in Japanese. After around 15 minutes of brainstorming, I figured out all by myself how to add a Chinese character to a page that uses Japanese encoding. The characters in question are (Chinese) and H (Japanese). The Japanese character even has the sound "ro," so I'm not too surprised I made the mistake.
What alarms me is that I've found two errors in two days, and that I didn't see this one yesterday. Just how many more errors lie undiscovered in here?

15. May 2005 - Various updates. Corrected a major error (Wrong seiyuu for Morino Ibiki due to two kanji looking similar, k and - animenewsnetwork had the same error when I initially made the list, and it looked right at a glance). Noticed as I did the credits for episode 73: I did a visual check to make sure I hadn't made a mistake, and noticed the different kanji. My fault, fixed now. If you are aware of an error on this site, don't hesitate to contact me!
  Added Enma to the character list (part 3).
  Did the seiyuu credits for episodes 71, 72 and 73.
  There is a lot of work that needs to be done on the site, if you tell me what you want, it'll be done sooner than if you just wait for it.
04. May 2005 - Finally figured out the seiyuu for Moegi and Udon (part 2 of the character list),
added two completely useless characters (Shiba and Midori, also part 2),
and worked a bit on part 3, adding Pakkun and the First and Second Hokage.
19. April 2005 - Compiled the list of character birthdays
14. April 2005 - Have received the second Naruto Character Databook, worked a little on the character list. Re-did the Konoha Ninja Registry from scratch (code is much cleaner now), and added the sixteen additional people listed with their ninja registration numbers.
 1. April 2005 - created Oslo Photoblog, an rss feed of selected photos I have taken. Syndicated on Livejournal as [info]oslo_fotoblog.
29. March 2005 - re-organized the LJ icons, adding several.
27. March 2005 - added favicon.ico, fixed some html errors. No actual content added.