First things first, we start with the opening.

But even before we go that far, RQ/AF-F has a note on the Rosicrucian Order

With that "essential information," we now start with the opening sequence.

Fully readable, but the romaji looks like it was mechanically translated. The hiragana character , as a particle, is pronunced "wa."

Mahou does better, but their font choice for the romaji is a bit low on readability.

AnimeJunkies is back! They do okay in the opening, though the text is rather faint.

W-Dreamers use far too many line breaks, both in the opening sequence and the episode proper. Yay for misheard lyrics!

A-E/Conclave, naturally popular, avoid all those mistakes - the only thing I didn't like about their OP karaoke is that the Japanese lyrics appear character by character as each is spoken.

I can't vouch for the accuracy of A-E/Conclave's translation (because they know far more Japanese than I do), but I don't see any errors at least.

RQ/AF-F do okay.

Mahou does okay too.

Another example of W-Dreamers showing a translation that doesn't match what is spoken, because Japanese grammar is roughly reverse of English grammar. I don't like this practice, though it's not so bad if you can cram the entire sentence into the same screen.

AJ gets creative with line breaks in the lyrics. If you actually listen to the song... you'll see how skewed this is.

That's it for Page One. Onward to page Two!