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Monday, June 13, 2005

Hacking away at the backlog

Did several more episodes, completing 109 to present. Current backlog: 79 episodes.
Corrected an incorrect kanji in a character name in the character list.

Solved the issue of the ugly "no hotlinking" image turning up when viewing the character list as cached by a search engine by adding (google cache), translate.google.com and a couple of Japanese search engines to the list of allowed referers. Will add more as I become aware of them from reading my recent visitors log.

By the way, using google to translate the character list is hilarious.

Still somewhat low on motivation for continuing to maintain the site. Too much copying and pasting. I suppose it's time I get back to working on the most popular part of the site: the character list. But no one have complained about lack of updates yet.


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