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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Small update

Haven't been motivated to work on the site.. until I got an email. Someone wrote me a mail~
I'm so happy. I've been running the character list for over a year, and had this domain since the end of January, and finally, someone wrote me!

And about a minor character I like, too. That character now has his own page here. Will update the extremely minor characters page with a link there later.

Also added episode credits for episode 142, maybe the longest one ever. Figuring out the seiyuu for those two idiot filler characters was hard, but fun. The rest was a very boring cut and paste job.


At 8/8/05 04:13, felguard said...

lol wow, I don't even remember seeing this character. its nice that you have info on it now though no matter how little it is.


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