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Thursday, October 13, 2005

and this time it's been over a month.

Can't shake the feeling that the site has already hit its peak and it's a slow and boring downhill ride from here.

I'm not going into detail here, but my life sucks quite a lot these days, and I've lost much time to depression. But these last few days I've been able to work again, and have caught up to a little bit of the recent backlog.

I knew all along that it was too large a project to take on.

But, rest assured, I'm not giving this one up just yet. It's fun to work on. I consider it training that will benefit me later, assuming I ever realize my dream of becoming a translator.


At 5/2/06 03:14, Peekaboo said...

Hey! You've done great job with your site. There probably isn't as detailed guest star list even on Japanese! And the character guide is just awesome. Thank you for your hard work!! It really is much appreciated.

At 10/3/06 05:13, Anonymous said...

love your site!! its clear youve put a lot work into it! keep up the good work ^o^

i took the jiraiya icon and use it on a forum. its wacky! :)


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