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Saturday, June 24, 2006

The future.

Renewed the hosting for the site for the next half a year.
Feel guilty about not updating - I did some work before running away on a short vacation in May, but didn't complete it, so I never uploaded it. And June is almost over. I'm an experienced procrastinator.

I'm also planning to be on vacation for most of July - I might have a laptop by then, so I could perhaps work a little during the inevitable rainy days.

I haven't watched any Naruto lately - I have almost 30 filler episodes yet unwatched, and I'm reluctant to do so. Will the fillers ever end? I'm just waiting for the mission that requires an all-female team, so they send Ino, Tenten, and, oh, we're out of female genin, let's send Naruto since he's good at transforming.

I actually had this strange dream about a week ago, where I dreamed I watched a stupid filler episode that explained why some characters wore their forehead protectors on backwards. -_-'


At 3/7/06 21:03, Hona said...

Hee, that sounds like a fun filler episode :)

What annoys me is these long, boring filler arcs that take themselves too seriously. I prefer the silly little filler episodes where Naruto acts like a moron.

Hopefully the fillers will end after this season.. but I don't really care anymore. As long as it doesn't stop airing before we get back to the good stuff, I'm happy. :)

Have a nice vacation!


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