Recent changes and plans for tokubetsu-jounin.net

Sunday, May 29, 2005

minor stuff

couple of days ago: Episode 81 credits, link to the seiyuu page of Koharu's voice actress added to the character list.

today: more updates on the LJ section - one new (photo-based) icon, and the previously unpublished bases now have their own page.

Still low on motivation for working on the site.. and I'm just writing to myself here.
I read the stats regularly. Maybe two people apart from myself have read this page.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Part 3, done.. I guess.

Finally added Kisame to the character list, bringing my progress to the end of episode 80.
I threw in poor forgotten Aoba in part three as well, even though he appears a bit earlier than that. I can't tell you who his seiyuu is, because he's never in the end credits. Not even in episode 83 where he had his most noteworthy appearance. His last appearance was in episode 98, and the end credits listed Raidou, who wasn't even in the episode.
I only know the kanji of his name by the grace of the Character Official Data Book. It, and its sequel, are my treasures, and I would not have been able to build this site without them.

I don't think I'll be devoting much time to the site in the next few days, probably just clearing a few episodes from the backlog.. I have some issues to take care of in my offline life.

Also noticed that this blog was set to disallow anonymous comments. Anonymous comments have now been enabled.

Well, I was wrong - I updated all the existing episode pages in one shot, along with the page for today's episode.
And then I watched the episode. It seemed okay, for filler.

Anyhow, still feeling unmotivated. I did the episode 129 credits as well.. Almost challenging, but it didn't take me that long to have it all figured out. What I really should get to is getting the character list updated.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Not terribly motivated to work on the site right now.

The episodes part of the site is finally starting to get some hits, having recently been crawled by the googlebot. Going to add navigational links to each page (previous/next/index), making it more likely that a visitor who comes in to a particular episode's page via a search will want to explore more of the site. Ditto for the birthday list and ninja registry.

All that copying/pasting/editing/re-uploading is boring, and will probably not be done all at once.

Still have well over a hundred episodes to cover. If there is a particular one (or a few) episode(s) you want me to write up the credits for, just tell me which and it'll take priority.

The profiles have been neglected for quite some time.. It'd take a lot of work to update, so I'm just letting it gather dust for now.. Again, if there's a particular character you want info on, I'm willing to try to translate from the data books, as long as it's not one of the main characters.

There are dozens of sites out there that will tell you all there is to know about Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura or Kakashi. Not so many that will tell you about Ibiki, Shizune or Kin Tsuchi. Not to mention the myriad of characters whose names were never mentioned, like Tobitake Tonbo (the guy with bandages over his eyes, in the first part of the chuunin exam), Suzume (the woman who taught flower arrangement in the Sakura and Ino flashback) or Teuchi (the guy at Ichiraku ramen).

The more minor the character, the more interested I am in finding out about them. And the minor characters have much shorter profiles, so there's not that much text to translate anyway.

But unless I get requests, the profiles will probably remain mostly untouched until I finish the episode credits.

Monday, May 23, 2005

First things first.

This is mainly just a test to see if this blogger thing works, and how.

Anyway, I created this blog to keep my readers informed of my updates, or reasons for lack of updates.

I just started working on the alphabetized version of the character list. The index at the end of the second character databook is making it a breeze - just a lot of typing.
Watching the 80-some episodes searching for a good screenshot of Kisame.

Also, since splitting the character list into sections, I've been thinking of having each character appear in each of the appropriate lists. The rookie genin are introduced in episode 3, but the Chuunin selection exam arc is very much about all of them. It's a bit strange that they're not on the list for that plot arc.

What do you guys think?