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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

When it comes to the Naruto anime, I'm still an ennuyée.

Still in Filler Hell. I haven't seen any episodes of Naruto for months. I've forgotten why I loved this series. I'm sure I must've had a good reason, because I don't think my past self was a person of poor judgment.

Also, a few of you may have noticed the site being "hacked". It was no big deal; all pages containing the phrase "index" in their file names were overwritten. Naturally, I keep a copy of all files on my harddrive, replacing the altered files was a minor inconvenience. The attempt was not directed at this site in particular; many sites sharing the same hosting company were similarily affected. The security breach has of course been fixed. A big thanks to bihira.com for promptly emailing me about this, otherwise it could have been days until I'd have found out. :P

I'm bored with a lot of things and busy with others, so I don't foresee any significant updates to the site in the near future.


At 4/12/09 23:07, Blogger KunoichiKisu said...

I guess this is like, 2 years after this post, but I would really like to see updates to this awesome site, mostly for the birthdays, and the minor characters (I enjoyed that.)

At 4/12/09 23:38, Blogger Nagamori said...

Awesome, a comment! Heh, not much has changed since I posted. I did eventually get through all of the Naruto anime, but I've yet to touch any of Shippuuden, be it manga or anime.

I just renewed the domain for another year. Indeed, the birthday list is the most popular page on the site. I figured it would be an annoyance to a handful of people if it suddenly disappeared.

And I've always loved the minor characters. If I update the site again, that'll be my area of focus.

I guess I need to buy the next character book to translate data from. Looks like I'm going to have to pay as much for shipping as for the actual book, so it's not a priority, but I'll consider it. Thanks for the encouragement to update the site!


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