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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

When it comes to the Naruto anime, I'm still an ennuyée.

Still in Filler Hell. I haven't seen any episodes of Naruto for months. I've forgotten why I loved this series. I'm sure I must've had a good reason, because I don't think my past self was a person of poor judgment.

Also, a few of you may have noticed the site being "hacked". It was no big deal; all pages containing the phrase "index" in their file names were overwritten. Naturally, I keep a copy of all files on my harddrive, replacing the altered files was a minor inconvenience. The attempt was not directed at this site in particular; many sites sharing the same hosting company were similarily affected. The security breach has of course been fixed. A big thanks to bihira.com for promptly emailing me about this, otherwise it could have been days until I'd have found out. :P

I'm bored with a lot of things and busy with others, so I don't foresee any significant updates to the site in the near future.